Time Out 45CM X 45CM

Attitude 4.10.2018.JPG

Attitude 60CM X 60CM

Dance of the Lucid Dream 13.10.2018.JPG

Dance of the Lucid Dream 60x60cm 

Relevé 1.10.2018.JPG

Relevé 60CM X 60CM

Silver Swan 7.1.2020.JPG

The Silver Swan 60x60cm 

At the end of the Day 27.7.2019.jpg

At the end of the Day 60x60cm Gifted

Attitude Pirouette 25.2.2019.JPG

Attitude Pirouette 60x60cm

Sunday Morning 45CM X 45CM

Afternoon Delight 45x45cm SOLD

Daydream 45CM X 45CM

On the Rocks 11.8.2019.JPG
Time out 25.5.2018.jpg

On the Rocks 50CM X 60CM

Time Out 45CM X 45CM

Bewildered Auctioned to Charity

Liberty 91CM X 61CM

Strength and Beauty 76CM X 61CM

A Moment in Time revision 18.9.2018.jpg

A Moment in Time 91CM X 61CM 

Moving On 76CM X 61CM 

NAKED 26.9.2018.JPG

Naked 50CM X 60CM

Contemplating 76CM X 61CM

Reverie 50CM X 50CM

Sweet Sixteen 76CM X 61CM Gifted

Arabesque 4.6.2018.JPG

Arabesque 45CM X 45CM

The End of the Storm 76CM X 61CM Auctioned to charity

A Leap of Faith 61CM X 61CM

Holding on and Letting Go 76CM X 61CM Gifted 

Dancing in the light 76CM X 61CM

Afternoon Sun 91CM X 61CM

An evening in Paris 76CM X 61CM

White Satin 76CM X 61CM Gifted

Out of the Blue 60x75cm SOLD

Ballerina in Blue 30CM X 40CM Gifted

Morning Sunshine 45CM X 45CM

Misty Garden 50CM X 60CM 

Lady in Waiting 61CM X 51CM Gifted