Attitude 60CM X 60CM

Dance of the Lucid Dream 60x60cm SOLD

Relevé 1.10.2018.JPG

Relevé 60CM X 60CM

Arabesque 45CM X 45CM

At the end of the Day 60x60cm Gifted

Out of the Blue 60x75cm SOLD

Time Out 45CM X 45CM

Sunday Morning 45CM X 45CM

Afternoon Delight 45x45cm SOLD

Daydream 45CM X 45CM

Time out 25.5.2018.jpg

On the Rocks 50CM X 60CM

Time Out 45CM X 45CM

Bewildered Auctioned to Charity

Liberty 91CM X 61CM

Strength and Beauty 76CM X 61CM

A Moment in Time 91CM X 61CM 

Moving On 76CM X 61CM 

NAKED 26.9.2018.JPG

Naked 50CM X 60CM

Contemplating 76CM X 61CM

Reverie 50CM X 50CM

A Leap of Faith 61CM X 61CM

Misty Garden 50CM X 60CM 

Sweet Sixteen 76CM X 61CM Gifted

The End of the Storm 76CM X 61CM Auctioned to charity

Holding on and Letting Go 76CM X 61CM Gifted 

Dancing in the light 76CM X 61CM

Afternoon Sun 91CM X 61CM

An evening in Paris 76CM X 61CM

Morning Sunshine 45CM X 45CM

White Satin 76CM X 61CM Gifted

Ballerina in Blue 30CM X 40CM Gifted

Lady in Waiting 61CM X 51CM Gifted