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White Peacock 5.12.2022.JPG

White Peacock 50CM X 50CM

Swanning Around 28.8.2020.JPG

Swanning Around 45CM X 45CM

A Couple of Long Necks 30CM X 40CM

White Mute Swan 27.6.2022.jpeg

White Mute Swan 45CM x45CM

Betta Fish One 2.6.2020.jpg

Beta Fish 60CM X 75CM

Must be love 8.12.2019.JPG

Must be Love 45CM X 45CM

Birds of a Feather.JPG

Birds of a Feather 45CM X 45CM

Flash 60CM X 60CM

Little Kitten 25CM X 20CM

Kitty 2.8.2019 small.jpg

Kitty 40CM X 40CM

Playful Puppy 25CM X 20CM

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