Gardenia 12.8.2021.jpg

Gardenia 50CM X 40CM 

Pink Vase 30CM X 40CM 

Chrysanthemum 13.10.2019.JPG

Chrysanthemum 45CM X 45CM

Springtime 2.10.2019.JPG

Springtime 45CM X 45CM 

Pretty in Pink 61CM X 76CM 

The Curtain 76CM X 61CM 

White Rose 50CM X 40CM

Hydrangeas in Rex's Vase 20CM X 25CM

Red Skies Charity Auction

Summer Breeze (Gifted)

Blue Skies Charity Auction

Silver Vase 30CM X 40CM 

Above the Clouds SOLD

Firey Skies 60x75cm

Oceana 60x60cm

Misty Mountains SOLD

Autumn Sunset 60x75cm

Cloudy Bay 60x90cm

Finding the Horizon 60x90cm

wild flowers 76CM X 61CM

Bush by the River SOLD

In the Country 61CM X 76CM