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Lime Green 19.1.2023.JPG
Anthurium 23.1.jpg
Effervescence 21.5.2022.jpg
The Blue door commission 7.10.2021.jpg
French Balcony 17.10.2021.jpeg

The Blue Door 50CM X 60CM

Total Elipse of the Art 21.7.2021.JPG

Total Elipse of the Art 60CM X 60CM

The French Balcony 40CM X 50CM

Lemonia 17.8.2019.JPG

Lemonia 45CM X 45CM

The World's Your Oyster.JPG

The World's Your Oyster 60CM X 60CM

Cherries 16.12.2020.JPG

Red Red Wine 30CM X 30CM

Strawberry Kisses 12.7.2019.JPG

Strawberry Kisses 40CM X 40CM

Red Red Wine 3.5.2020.JPG

Red Red Wine 45CM X 45CM

The Yellow Room 25CM X 30CM

A Touch of Italy 14.8.2019.JPG

A Touch of Italy 2 45CM X 45CM

Hanging out in Italy 24.11.2019.JPG

Hanging out in Italy 25CM X 30CM

Still Life 25CM X 30CM

Steps 2.7.2019.JPG

Steps 40CM X 50CM

The Apples 40CM X 30CM

Rex's Cabbage Bowl 50CM X 40CM

Caverswall Vase 25CM X 30CM

Fruit for the Sideboard 40CM X 30CM

Rex's Glass Bowl 25CM X 30CM

Butter Churn 20CM X 25CM

A Touch of Italy 25CM X 30CM

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