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Out of the Blue 12.4.2022.jpeg

Out of the Blue 60cm x 50cm

The Mahon 13.6.2021.jpg

The Mahon Pool 40cm x 30cm

Blue Yonder 18.10.2023.jpg

Blue Yonder 30cm x 40cm

Splashing out 24.7.2023 LR.jpg

Splashing Out 50cm x 50cm

Bronte Pool and the Bogie Hole 25.9.2021 40x50.jpeg

Bronte Pool and the Bogey Hole 50cm x 40cm


Ocean in Motion 60cm x 60cm

Coogee Pool 12.11.2021.jpg

Coogee Rock Pool 50cm x 40cm

Rough Seas 7.8.2023.jpg
Above the shore 17.4.2022.jpg

Rough Seas 50cm x 40cm

Above the Shore 60cm x 90cm

Light in the wave 19.6.2019.JPG

Light in the wave 60cm x 60cm

Above the Sea 2.jpg

Above the Sea 2 60cm x 75cm

Wild Blue 4.4.2022.jpg

Wild Blue 1 50cm x 60cm

Here Comes the Sun 7.4.2019.JPG

Here Comes the Sun 60cm x 75cm

Finding New Horizons 27.2.2018.jpg

Finding New Horizons 50cm x 40cm

Solitude 22.2.2020.JPG

Solitude 60cm x 60cm

Washed up 21.12.2017.JPG
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